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About the Budapest Circus Festival

Eugene Chaplin

Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for the great time in Budapest.
The festival was great and has a very high standard.
The lyric circus night was wonderful.
Please thank all the people who looked after the jurry, they did a great job.
If there is anything I can do or help please let me know.
I spoke with Chaplin's world and they are going to contact you very soon.
Thanks again and hope to see you soon.
If you have time it would be a pleasure for me to guide you around the museum one day.
Take care.
Eugene Chaplin

Francesco Mocellin

Dear Peter,
Once more, I want to say thank to You and all Your great staff for the wonderful welcome that You reserved for me.
The results of 12 Circus Festival in Budapest were over any expectations for the artistic level and the aesthetic choice; You and all MA.CI.V.A. staff deserve the compliments that You get.
Thanks to Dora and to Suzy Eotvos that took care of guests in the best way make us feeling at home.
Hope to see You soon in Monte-Carlo.
With estimates and friendship,
Francesco Mocellin

Maria Jernström

Dear Peter,
I just wanted to thank you for such a great festival you and your team organised. The quality of the festival was really high.
One of the best festivals in the world!
I heard from ENTE that they were so overwhelmed with the meeting on 12th January at the agricultural museum.
Everything was so well prepared and all the guests felt so warmly welcomed and your hospitality.
Kind regards,
Maria Jernström
Sirkus Finlandia

Harold Voit

Sehr geehrter Kovács Miklós,
Hiermit bedanke ich mich ganz herzlich für die freundliche Einladung und das großartige Event. Es war eine sensationelle Veranstaltung und ich habe viele interessante Menschen getroffen und persönlich viel gelernt.
Danke und alles Gute
Harold Voit

Krisztina Ádám

Dear Peter!
Let me congratulate You whole-heartedly for organizing the 12th Budapest Circus Festival, it was a phenomenal achievement!
I have not been in such a well-organized festival, where they put attention even into the smallest detail!
We really enjoyed ourselves!
The LYRICAL CIRCUS LATE-NIGHT SHOW was a huge surprise and experience, to conceive and create this event on such a level is an incredibly debut in this profession.
Thank You to give us the chance to take part in the Hungarian jury! It was a great honour for us.
We wish you great success in the work!
Kind regards,
Krisztina Ádám

Julien Panel

Dear Peter,
I wanted to sincerely congratulate you and your staff again on an outstanding 12th edition of the Budapest circus festival. The quality of the performances on and “off” festival, the beautiful exhibit on the 250th anniversary of the European modern circus and of course an amazing welcoming of the guests.
I felt like home and always had someone to help me if I needed to go somewhere or needed something. Special thanks to Dora and to Suzy Eotvos for being here for me at all times. On behalf of Cirque Du Soleil Casting team I want to sincerely thank you for having me in Budapest as part of your special guests and I am looking forward to meeting you again soon somewhere in the world.
Best regards,
Julien Panel





PlanSHET and Quartet DEKRU

Dear Peter,
Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this great festival. Everything that we saw at the festival is a high level of circus arts and directing. This is unforgettable experience for us and a new page in our art biography. 
Many thanks for the warm reception and comfort while staying in Budapest. We are very happy to be friends with you and hope to see you soon again. 
6 kisses from our girls and warm hugs from DEKRU. We`re waiting for you in Odessa at Comediada Festival.

Theatre Maski

Dear Peter!
On behalf of Theatre Maski and Georgiy I’d like to thank you for your warm welcome! It was great pleasure and honor to perform at Circus Festival Budapest.

Ádám Fehér and Bálint Kassai

Dear Mr. Director Peter Fekete!

We owe you grateful thanks for the chance to participate on the 12th Budapest Circus Festival. A dream came true, for which we worked hard.

Thanks for supporting young artists!

We will remember all the moments of the festival. It was great to meet with artists from all around the world, gain experience. Thanks for the love and support of the audience.

Thanks for the chance, the trust, that you and József “Dodi” Graeser believed in us! Special thanks for Antal Marosi that we could speak in the media, and last but not for the least we are grateful for the technical team of Capital Circus, who worked in the backstage!

We came for the experience, but we left with a Bronze and a special award, and with a lasting experience.

We wish you great success and good cooperation!

Heartfelt regards to every circus fan:
Ádám and Benjámin

Ms Carol Gandey

Good afternoon,
Having now returned from the Budapest Circus festival, Ms Carol Gandey would like to pass on her thanks for the complimentary tickets you so kindly arranged. 
She had a fantastic time in Budapest and found her time at the festival very beneficial. She had the opportunity to see some artistes that had previously worked for Gandey’s Productions and also some that she now plans to book in the future.
I can see that Carol has made some posts to the festival on her Facebook page that you may find interesting. https://www.facebook.com/gandeyscircus/videos/1579695738773183/
Once again, thank you for your assistance.
Many thanks
Dawn Lancaster

László Endrész

Jörgen Börsch

Hello Miklós!
I have difficulty in expressing my gratitude for your more than kind assistance to me, and indulgence with me, during the 2018 Budapest Nemzetközi Cirkusz Festivál!
From, at last, the programme of events was received late past autumn, till the festive gala-supper, sunday evening, I did rely on your help and valuable time, Miklós. Thank you!
Budapest is the favourite city of mine, crowned by MaCiVa, the Baross Imre Circus-School and the Circus-Accademy as well as the Fővarosi Nagy Cirkusz.
-  Looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues again  - especially the young ladies at the desk and the V.I.P.-Lounge -  accept please, Miklós, my thanks again and the kindest regards from Denmark and yours most sincerely

For one week the whole world paid attention to Budapest! On the 8th of January the festive year of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the modern circus art in Europe has started in Hungary. Whole Europe celebrated for one year, and the opening celebration was held on the Budapest International Circus Festival, in the Capital Circus!


One of the most prominent events of the circus art in the world

Great talents from all over the world!

The most excellent representatives of the profession, circus directors, artist managers in one place


The 12th Budapest International Circus Festival was held between the 8th and 14th of January 2018. 


The first Budapest Circus Festival was held in 1996. As a result of the concept and casting of the Hungarian professionals, the Budapest Circus Festival soon proved to be equal quality to the greatest festivals of the circus world: in addition to Monte Carlo, Latina and Moscow Budapest also has become an important meeting point for the circus art.


The European Opening Ceremony was held: on the 9th of January 2018.

Respect and Tribute to the Ancestors!

It is the human will believing in the infinity of the human capacity inherited from generations to generation that has been able to save or even renew and update the circus art for hundreds of years. The reason of the launch of the International Circus Festival in Budapest twenty-two  years ago was the decision, the will and the trust in this art of a group of professionals. I raise my hat to the photos of the ancestors thanking for the commitment of all former heads, directors, artists and supporters devoted to the circus art. The respect of the past and the maintenance of our ancestors' excellence can only help us to renew, re-interpret and update the miracle called circus art.




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