The festival was held between the 9th and 13th of January 2014. The chosen date was 3-4 weeks earlier than it had been previously, so they could hold it before the other international festivals. It was the tenth, jubilee festival in Budapest.

The event was closed on 13 January at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm in accordance with the traditions with a spectacular gala performance. At the prize giving ceremony in the evening special guest Kris Kremo also performed his juggling production.


Parade (Hungarian Circus Institute and Hungarian Dance Academy)

1.         Qingdao Troupe – Icarian games (China)

2.         The Godfathers – Acrobatic comical act (Ukraine)

3.         Georgio Hromadko – Diabolo (The Czech Republic)

4.         Duo Azelle – Duet on a trapeze ring (Canada)

5.         Don Christian – Clown (Austria)

6.         Troupe Zhuk – Horizontal bar (Belarus)

7.         Lisandra Sanchez Cros – Tissue (Cuba)

8.         Trio Stoian – Russian bar (Romania)

9.         Richter Troupe – Acrobatic horse act (Hungary)

10.       The Flying Havanas – Trapeze (Cuba)

11.       Tom&Pepe – Clowns (USA, Spain)

12.       Duo Triberti – Acrobatic roller-skates (Italy)

13.       Super Silva – Aerial act (Brazil)

14.       David Enoch Sosman – Juggler (Denmark)

15.       Kateryna Sheludykova – Hula hooping with handstand (Ukraine)

16.       Duo Maybe – Straps (Ukraine)

17.       Merrylu Casselly, René Casselly Jr. – Acrobatic elephant act (Germany)


Parade (Hungarian Circus Institute and Hungarian Dance Academy)

1.         Sampion Bouglione – Juggler (France)

2.         Soul Tango (Ambra & Yves Nicols) – Air acrobatics (Spain and Italy)

3.         Steve&Jones – Clowns (Italy)

4.         Huang Yang – Slack wire (China)

5.         Stynka – Russian bar (Russia)

6.         Los Alamos – Fire act (Germany)

7.         Gerasymenko Brothers – Comical dance acrobatics (Ukraine)

8.         Casselly Family – Elephant production with horses (Germany)

9.         Simet László – Semaphore (Hungary)

10.       Valeri Tkach – Juggler (Ukraine)

11.       Natalia Bouglione – Strap acrobatics (France)

12.       Cesar Dias – Comical act (Portugal)

13.       Graziella – Up side down act (Spain)

14.       Qingdao Troupe – Chinese pole (China)



Tihany (Francz Czeisler) - life-president of the jury, Honorable Director of Circus Tihany Spectacular

Fredy Knie - president of the jury, director of Knie Circus, Switzerland
Farzana Khalilova - Rosgoscirk, Russia
Henk van der Meijden - Stardust Circus International, Netherlands
Jeanette Williams - Entertainment and Circus Agency, USA
Helmut Grosscurth - Managing Director of the European Circus Association
Vinicio Murillo - Feld Entertainment, Inc., Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, USA
Francesco Bouglione - Cirque D'hiver Bouglione Paris, France
Hou Quangen - Tianjin Acrobatic Troupe, China
Donnert Gábor - Circus Artist, Hungary

Hungarian Gala

The Hungarian gala called Dream in the Circus was held on the 11th of January 2014, Saturday, at 11:00 in the Capital Circus.
1. Olivér Zsilák - juggling act with balls and clubs
2. Jennyfer Németh - aerial acrobatics in a net
3. Anna Kodák - flexible acrobatics
4. Fatime Dobos - cat act
5. Gábor Hrisafis and Gábor Szabó - clowns
6. Andrea Végh - aerial rope
7. Gerald Steingruber - clown
8. Franco - comical macho-gaucho
9. Attila Fábián - hand balance
10. Trio Császár - small board acrobats
11. Paczo Peychev - comic trampoline
12. Trio Sárközi - jugglers
13. Dévid and Nikolett Ádám - handstand on chairs
14. Duo Lameth - trapeze
15. Gerald Steingruber - clown
16. Duo Krai - whip
17. Adele and Franco - parrot act
18. Krisztián Ádám - high wire
19. Black Roses - unicycle



Richter group



Merrylu Casselly, René Casselly Jr.



Quingdao Troupe



Simet László



Trio Stoian



Super Silva



Sampion Bouglione



Stynka group



Cesar Dias



Duo Maybe



Ambra & Yves Nicols

Spain, Italy