The 11th Budapest Circus Festival was held between the 7th and 11th of January 2016.

The first Budapest Circus Festival was held in 1996 and as a result of the notion and casting of the professionals of the Hungarian Circus And Variety Non-profit Ltd. (MACIVA) it soon proved to be equal with the great festivals of the circus world: in addition to Monte Carlo, Latina and Moscow also Budapest has become an important meeting place for the circus art.



1.         Paul Chen – unicycle (Germany)

2.         Totti Alexis – clown (Spain)

3.         Fratelli Rossi – icarian games (Spain)

4.         Biritz Ákos – strap act (Hungary)

5.         Duo Acro – ladder act (Russia)

6.         Isaac Aborah – juggler (Ghana)

7.         Duo Phykov – rope act (Russia)

8.         Family Urunov: Liberty – horse act (Russia)

9.         Totti Alexis – clown (Spain)

10.       The Gerlings – wheel of death (Columbia)


11.       Flying Farfans – fliegende (USA)

12.       Orchestral act

13.       Totti Alexis – clown (Spain)

14.       Artists – Rola Bola act (Ukraine)

15.       Heejin: Snowqueen – handstand (Mongolia)

16.       Family Urunov: Cabriolet – horse act (Russia)

17.       Vitaly Mironov – juggler (Russia)

18.       Trio Power Line – power-lifting act (Hungary)

19.       Totti Alexis – clown (Spain)

20.       Troupe Skokov – Russian swing (Russia)




1.         Emil Faltiny – ladder act (Czech Republic)

2.         Mr. Lorenz – clown (Italy)

3.         Jeton – juggler (Germany)

4.         Family Urunov: Liberty – horse act (Russia)

5.         Duo Trapeze – aerial act (Russia)

6.         Dias Family – icarian games (Portugal)

7.         Mr. Lorenz – clown (Italy)

8.         Nicol Nicols – wire act (Spain)

9.         X-Treme Brothers – handstand (Romania)




10.       Extreme Fly – highbar act (Ukraine)

11.       Mr. Lorenz – clown (Italy)

12.       Eonys – rod act (France)

13.       Family Urunov: Cabriolet – horse act (Russia)

14.       Dias Family – ladder act (Portugal)

15.       Sergii Novikov – strap act (Ukraine)

16.       Silver Power – power-lifting act (Hungary)

17.       Duo Nonstop – Rola Bola act (Ukraine)

18.       Mr. Lorenz – clown (Italy)

19.       The Gerlings – highwire act (Columbia)


Tihany (Francz Czeisler) - life-president of the jury

Eugene Chaplin - president of the jury, president of the Vevey Comedy Festival, consultant to the International Circus Festival of Vaudreuil-Dorion in Canada
Fabrice Becker - content for new creations director of Cirque du Soleil
Peter Dubinsky - owner of Firebird Productions, Inc.
Eötvös Tibor - the founder of the reunited Eötvös Circus president of Union of Artists
Valérie Fratellini - director of l'Académie Fratellini
Helmut Grosscurth - president of the European Circus Association
Fabio Montico - president of International Circus Festival of Italy
Lyudmila Schevchenko - director of the National Circus of Ukraine in Kiev
Sun Lili - creative director of China National Acrobatic Troupe, art director of Beijing Acrobatic School

Juvenile and Hungarian show

1. The Ball – contemporary circus production
2. Duo Urbán – strap act
3. Jennifer Németh  – caoutchouc-handstand act
4. Duo Claire – aerial net act
5. Henrik Kraj – whip act
6. Linda Carannante – roller skate-strap act
7. Hungarian Devils – handvoltige act
8. Szilvia – rope act
9. OG Junior – board act
10. Dóra Kovács – rope act
11. Jennifer and Gábor Kiss – strap act
12. Cap Crew – board act
13. Szulita and Dennis – rope act
14. Lui Nereusz – comedy handstand act
15. Betty and Sandy – trapeze act
16. Troupe Teibler – teeterboard act
17. Rhythm-game – finale
The goal of a festival on one hand is to provide a wide spectrum of the most excellent circus art productions of the world and on the other hand to introduce the most successful Hungarian troupes to the audience. In addition to the competition we also organize the Youth and Hungarian programme where the Hungarian performers as well as the new generation, the promising talents introduce themselves to the audience. It is our mission to introduce the Hungarian artists to the most excellent representatives of the profession, circus directors, managers arriving in Hungary from abroad.


ECA conference

Monday, 11 January 2016, 11:00 AM

Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool, Marble room


They were discussing the circus of the future

How can the prestige of the circus be increased in the society? How can modern technology be used during the performances? These two forward-looking and exciting issues were discussed by the professional conference of the European Circus Association.

The European Circus Association (ECA) was established for the circuses of Europe in 2002, in order to be able to promote their art and preserve the values thereof all over the continent. During the professional conference, famous Hungarian and foreign professionals discussed new ways of increasing the prestige of the circus in the society. On the other hand, they also negotiated such novelties in sound-, light- and video technology, which may be used by the performances of circuses.

The language of the conference was in English.


  • The rise of the prestige of the Circus/ Social Message of the Circus


Valérie Fratellini – Director of l'Académie Fratellini

Fekete Péter – General Director of Capital Circus of Budapest

Csonka-Takács Eszter – Director of Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage (Hungarian Open Air Museum)

Dr. Rodney Huey – Ph.D. circus researher of Fédération Mondiale du Cirque (FMC)

  • Modern technics in Circus World


Fekete Péter – General Director of Capital Circus of Budapest and

Bodnár V. Róbert – video manager, film director

Elek Sándor – Manager (VOTEC Kft.)

ExperiDance: Ambassador-at-large of Hungarian Dance Culture for 15 Years

ExperiDance Production aims at providing the highest level of artistic entertainment and promoting a revolutionised Hungarian dance culture all over the world. A strength of the Ensemble, which has been successful since 2000, is that it tempers fiery Hungarian dances with popular international and modern schools – or just pushes them to the extreme. Thus, a completely new, unmistakable dance style has been created by ExperiDance, which is unparalleled in the world and is suitable for telling stories without words. 
The operation of ExperiDance Production is based on the fact that it does not contend with trite solutions, and always seeks the new and better even at the expense of breaking down classic genre barriers in arts. The Budapest International Circus Festival is a new, even higher level of the illustrious series of such cooperation, where ExperiDance appears on stage with the great stars of circus art, adding a unique colour to the magic lights of the arena. We wholeheartedly recommend our opening performance.

Tihany 100

During the festival the exhibition titled "Tihany 100" was held to celebrate Ferenc Czeisler, the world famous magician and the eternal member of umpires of the International Circus Festival in Budapest for his 100th birthday.


There are artists who provide example for all of us.

Ferenc Czeisler, alias Tihany, the forefather of the world of acrobats was born in 1916 in Hungary. His unique career started at the age of 13 when he left for Uruguay to try his fortune. He returned home some years later and was working as a street artist first and a professional magician later. He went to Brazil with his family in 1953 and established the Tihany Magician Circus that became the most beautiful circus of the South-American Continent during its more than fifty years of existence. His travelling circus has been the most important and most successful one for more than fifty years. Mr. Tihany retired in 1984 as an artist but managed his circus until his death in 2016.

1955 – Establishment of Tihany Magician Circus

1978 - Academy of Magical Arts Award

1987 - Masters Fellowship Award

The world famous and respected artist was the permanent member of the umpires of the International Circus Festival in Budapest from 1996 and the eternal chairman of the honourable umpires from 2004 until his death in 2016.




The Gerlings



Flying Farfans



Skokov csoport



Dias Family



Nicol Nicols



Silver Power



Trio Power Line



X-Treme Brothers