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ECA conference


Dear Reader!


In the framework of the XIII. Budapest Circus Festival the organizing committee of the festival is inviting you to an international conference revolving around the topic “circus pedagogy”. Namely, we consider the combination of circus and education to be an elevated, strategic field of the renewing Hungarian circus arts and we would like to exploit its extraordinary conditions.

Sent on its journey in 2016 the so-called “special lessons” revolving around the topics of circus art and its instruments has come a very long way. Ever since, we are exploring and looking for new opportunities, which could fill this exceptional branch of the performing arts with educational and disciplinary contents. The world of the circus is very practice-orientated and based on experiences, which help complementing and deepening the knowledge acquired in school in a natural and harmonic way. 

The Capital Circus of Budapest has opened its doors for about one hundred special lessons in the past three years; we have represented our visions on numerous professional and methodological forums and panels; we have organized several conferences and workshops in order to introduce our range of ideas and said visions to pedagogues. Furthermore, we have published a large number of publications regarding this topic. The emerging circus pedagogy is a unique initiative throughout the whole world. It includes any such pedagogic activity that has educational and disciplinary value, that also enables the union of the schools and the world of circus, and last but not least that is appealing to pupils. As a result of an effective cooperation and collective visions the acquired knowledge is based on experience and joy, which will be adequately stored and deepened in the pupil’s brains. Consequently, learning and having fun form an entity, through which gaining knowledge is entertaining. Therefore, it is beneficial to continue to research and analyze the science of circus pedagogy. We are very eager to involve in this process as many pupils and teachers as possible, which also inspires and motivates us to even work harder on our project than before.    

Based on the above-mentioned, we are organizing a symposium which will host the most prestigious representatives of the profession, circus directors, artistic leaders, circus pedagogy experts and circus pedagogues. The international and national trends, as well as the visions of the circus pedagogy will be introduced in the framework of a roundtable and a conference. The participants will get to know the method of the execution of the project, as well as the foregoing successful experiences and the prospective plans.

The main topics of the symposium will be motion and the development of motion, the world of acrobatics and especially the education system of diverse European acrobatic schools. But we will also examine the position of the circus pedagogy within the educational system and how a relationship between sports and arts can be formed.


If we have caught your attention and/or interest and you would like to participate in our conference, please fill out the registration form.

Patron of the conference: Péter Fekete, Minister of State for Culture


Attending the roundtable:

  1. The future of the education of the acrobats

Ronald Wendorf (Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin)

Thomas Zimmermann (Europäisches Bildungswerk und Artistenschule "Die Etage", Berlin)

Andrea Togni (Accademia d'arte circense, Verona)

Anna Ovcharenko, (Kiev see attachment)

Gyorgy Losonczi(Deputy Professional Director of Imre Baross Baross Acrobatforming Institute)



  1. The education of the (travelling) pupils of the circus

Nina Crommelin

Annette Schwer

Heinz Gniostko

Maria Jernström

Edina Szántai



Date: 10th January 2020 (Friday) 9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Location: Conference Hall, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture (1146. Budapest, Vajdahunyad Castle)