Presenter of the 13th Budapest International Circus Festival: Kelly Endrész Bánlaki and Gyula Maka


Kelly Endrész Bánlaki

Kelly Endrész Bánlaki is a descendant of famous Hungarian and English circus families. His grandfather, László Endrész, the director and producer of the Blackpool Tower Circus was awarded the Pro Cultura Hungarica prize for his decadelong work in the field of circus art at the XII. International Budapest Circus Festival.Kelly started acting when she was 6, her first film role was in An American Rhapsody, where she worked with world stars such as Nastassja Kinski, Tony Goldwin and Scarlett Johansson. During her school years, she has achieved further success as a voice actor, her favorite acting being the character of Lilo at the Lilo and Stitch cartoon movie. She has graduated from Arden University of Theater in 2014 and has been acting since then. Her latest project was made with Netflix called Shadow & Bone. In addition to acting, she has also trained her voice, so in her one-woman show, she will combine many adaptions and own songs with stand-up elements. For the seventh time, she is the female protagonist in the Blackpool Tower Circus pantomime alongside her two uncles, Tom "Bubu" and Laci Endre Junior, "Mooky the Clown." It is a great honor for her to represent Hungary and England as a presenter in the 13th Budapest International Circus Festival.





Gyula Maka

He has been the ringmaster of the Capital Circus of Budapest since March 2013. The ringmaster who turns 31 this year has been performing on stage as professional actor for more than 10 years, but according to him, he found his true self, his own voice in the circus, this is the place where he feels at home.