15th Budapest International Circus Festival

10-15 January 2024.

The scoring system

The Organising Committee of the 15th Budapest Inter-National Circus Festival adopts the following rules for evaluation of the competition programmes of the festival.

1) There are four competition programmes to be evaluated at the 15th Budapest International Circus Festival.

2) The festival's "RED" and "GREEN" programmes are seen by the jury members on two occasions each, and they score the contestants each time. The programmes of the WHITE and the RED-WHITE-GREEN shows are scored once each by the jury.
Competition programme to be scored:

  • 10 January 19:00 RED SHOW
  • 11 January 19:00 GREEN SHOW
  • 12 January 22.00WHITE SHOW - Lyrical Late Night Show
  • 13 January 11:00 GREEN SHOW
  • 13 January 20.00 RED-WHITE-GREEN SHOW-Hungarian Supertalents
  • 14 January 11:00 RED SHOW

3) The jury members score the technical quality of the act from 0 to 10 and the artistic execution from 0 to 10. This means that the maximum score that can be awarded per occasion is 20.

4) Jury members authenticate their score sheets with their signatures. The score sheets will be collected at the end of each competition programme.

5) At the end of each competition day, the scores will be totalled by jury member based on the scoresheets submitted that day.

5) Minden versenynap végén az aznap leadott pontozó lapok alapján a pontszámokat zsűri tagonként összesítjük.

6) The preliminary order after the last scored competition programme will be determined from the total scores, by the automatic cancellation of the lowest and the highest scores for each competitor for each day. Based on the resulting scores, a jury meeting will take place after the last competition programme, where the jury members will determine the final rankings by consensus.

7) The following prizes will be awarded at the festival:

  • Budapest Lyrical - Bronze 1
  • Budapest Lyrical - Silver 1
  • Budapest Lyrical - Gold 1
  • Budapest Hungarian - Bronze 1
  • Budapest Hungarian - Silver 1
  • Budapest Hungarian - Gold 1
  • BBudapest Festival - Bronze 3
  • Budapest Festival - Silver 2
  • Budapest Festival - Gold 1

8) In exceptional cases, the Jury may decide to award 1 Silver and 2 Gold prizes in addition to the Budapest Festival Prizes.

9) The RED and GREEN Show programs are evaluated together, while the WHITE and RED-WHITE-GREEN Show programs are evaluated separately. The main prize of the festival is the Budapest Grand Prix, which will be awarded after the four competition programmes have been evaluated together, based on the decision of the jury.

10) The Hungarian Circus Directors' Award
Based on the combined evaluation of the four competition programmes, the following can be awarded

  • 1 Gold
  • 1 Silver
  • 1 Bronze

11) Special prizes offered by the members of the jury, the guests of honour and the Artists and Circus Workers' Union will be awarded additionally, which will be decided by the jury taking the proposal of the donor into account. The jury will have the possibility to award joint prizes to a group of artists.

12) Special prizes will be awarded at the Gala Dinner, while the main prizes and the Artists and Circus Workers' Union prize will be awarded at the Awards Gala. Members of the jury will participate in the prize-giving ceremony.

13) The jury sets its own rules of procedure, under the professional guidance of the jury president.

On behalf of the Festival Organising Committee

Budapest, 10 January 2024

Péter Fekete
Festival Director