Possibilities of circus pedagogy in the Hungarian education system Hungarian Agricultural Museum and Library

Vajdahunyad Castle, Városliget, conference room
Thursday,13 January, 2022, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Academic and methodological conference entitled “Possibilities of Circus Pedagogy in the Hungarian education system”, the official professional accompanying event of the Budapest International Circus Festival. The focus of the conference is on the research and use of the pedagogical aspects of circus art, the connection points between circus and education, which seek the answer to: how, by what means and methods can circus pedagogy make the hungarian education system more efficient, diverse and interesting.
The invited circus specialists, academic researchers and educational leaders examine and present the connections between the Hungarian education system and circus art, the possibilities and areas of use of circus pedagogy in primary, secondary education and higher education from several perspectives.


Opening 10:00-10:10
Péter Fekete, Secretary of State for Culture, Ministry of Human Resources

Circus arts in the elementary art school system 10:10-10:30
Dr. József Lebanov, head of department, Department of Public Education Strategy, Ministry of Human Resources

Circus, museum, pedagogy 10:30-10:50
Emese Joó, museum manager, Hungarian Museum of Circus Art

The future of Hungarian artist training 10:50-11:10
Gábor Dénes Kovács, head of institution, Imre Baross Circus Arts School

Cafebreak 11:10-11:40

Presentation of 30 hours of accredited teacher training in circus pedagogy - training of trainers 11:40-12:00

Renewable clown formation methodology 12:00-12:20
János Greifenstein, instructor, trainer, Imre Baross Circus Arts School

Pedagogical innovations in the Budapest Grand Circus 12:20-12:40
András Sándor, educational leader, National Circus Arts Center

Comments, closing word 12:40-13:00

The conference will be held in the conference room of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum and Library (Vajdahunyad Castle) on January 13, 2022, from 10:00 to 13:00. For foreign participants, the organizers will provide simultaneous interpretation tools and a specialist in English.

During the conference the speakers will present their own research and field of expertise the practices they have already tried, and the results and successes achieved so far. During the lectures, special emphasis will be placed on scientific and methodological research at the National Circus Arts Center, the search for new educational pathways and opportunities and the presentation of well-functioning pedagogical practices.

For foreign participants, the organizers will provide simultaneous interpretive tools and a specialist in English.